College Audition Workshop


A Day to Perfect Your Craft

Have you ever wondered what your audition panel is really thinking? 

Gain useful insight from seasoned coaches and vocal professionals and hone a winning audition at PACA's College Audition Workshop.  

What small improvements will place your performance at the top? 

This immersive experience  is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are preparing college auditions for degrees in Musical Theatre or Vocal Performance. Our panel of judges consists of industry leaders and college professors with experience and varied backgrounds eager to advocate for your success.  

College freshmen and sophomore music students will also be available to answer your questions and talk about their experience auditioning, interviewing, and applying. 

Excellence Comes From Preparedness

We are doing everything in our power to make this audition experience as realistic as possible. That means a sterile environment with no applause.  The judges may even be eating a snack ...It happens. We want you to be prepared. The only thing that isn't realistic is that we are allowing other students to observe, so that you can learn from each other. 

Each student will perform his or her audition materials in front of a panel of judges. An accompanist will be provided; there will be no time to rehearse. 

After your audition, you will be provided with written feedback. If you desire (please let us know when you register!), you will have the opportunity to receive verbal feedback via a masterclass with one of the judges.  

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What To Bring

This workshop is for YOU, so please bring  what you think will help you the most. 

Here are our suggestions: 

Musical Theatre

  • Two one-minute cuts of contrasting Musical Theatre songs
  • EITHER a classical piece OR a monologue. The monologue should not exceed one minute.

Vocal Performance

  • Two or three contrasting pieces, at least one in Italian. 

The Choreo Experience

For musical theatre auditionees, we are also providing a dance audition feedback experience. 

All students will learn choreography in a group and receive verbal feedback from your clinician. 

Location, Cost, and Other Tidbits

Lakeside High School

3801 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

January 13 from 1:00-5:00

Registration is $100

If you would like to do two auditions (one musical theatre, one classical), please register for two auditions spots. 

Your total cost will be $175

The Choreo Experience is an extra $35. 

If the cost of these workshops is prohibitive for you, please contact Erin Shepherd Murray at 404-281-6633 or


Practice introducing yourself and your pieces. 

Double check to be sure your music is CLEARLY MARKED. This includes all cuts, dynamic markings, breaths, etc.

If you are using original music, make sure the book stays open easily and pages are easy to turn. 

If you are using a three-ring binder, do NOT use plastic page holders. They cause a glare which makes it difficult for the pianist to read. 

Please dress appropriately for your audition. 

If you are doing the choreo experience, bring proper shoes.